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Senior Design 2 - Grid Eye Sensor

Senior Design 2 - Grid Eye Sensor

Thermal sensors are nothing new. The issue is that current IR sensors are not able to create thermal images and they cannot identify targets not in motion. The Grid-Eye Sensor, a product from Panasonic, is marketed to solve these

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issues and provide a solution for motion-tracking, object identification, gesture control, and many other applications. Grid-Eye uses an 8x8 thermopile array to accomplish this feat and costs about $40 at Digi-Key.

In the case of ECEN 4024, Senior Design 2, we were asked to create a thermal image of a room using the Grid-Eye Sensor. This image is to be streamed over the Internet to a desktop and mobile devices, presumably to keep an eye on the elderly within a home.

I will continue to update on the progress of this project as it continues throughout the semester.

All images are provided by Panasonic USA in Grid-Eye documentation and promotional material.

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