Spotify is one of the biggest names in technology right now. Celebrities have opinions on Spotify, and so does your aunt. It seen as either the savior or the destroyer or the music industry, depending on who you ask. What Spotify has going for them, though, is a solid team of developers that provide a really great, properly functioning product that I use every day.

Full disclosure: I am currently a Spotify Campus Influencer for Oklahoma State University. That, however, has nothing to do with the desire I had to solve one of the code puzzles that Spotify provides for people interested in its tech-based job openings.

I chose to tackle the Zipf's Song puzzle which essentially sorts a list of songs in an album according to their "quality." Quality is a measurement based on number of plays of the track and placement of track within the album.

Interesting things I learned from tackling this problem were how to use Java's Collections.sort() function with the Comparable interface's compareTo(), interesting data type issues, and timing issues with stdin.

You can view/clone my solution from my github repository if you would like!