Since September, I've been studying at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics at Stanford University. You might know it better as CCRMA (pronounced "karma"). CCRMA was founded by the legendary John Chowning who discovered/invented FM Synthesis and formed the world of computer music into what it would become. The work done in the early days of CCRMA and at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Labratory (SAIL) before that shaped modern music and enabled the creations of the sounds we hear in music every day.

October 26 and 27 was Triple CCRMAlite, a celebration of 50 years of computer music at Stanford, 40 years of CCRMA, and John Chowning's birthday. There was a concert at the Bing Concert Hall on Sunday afternoon and a research symposium the next day, followed by a smaller concert. Outside of the Sunday concert was "science fair" hosted by Bay Area Science Festival. To my surprise, I had some work presented!

My MUSIC 220A course had a homework assignment about Data Sonification. I chose two particular data sets that held some gravity in order to get the most out of the project. Those data sets were the NYMEX Oil Futures out of Cushing, Oklahoma between 2004-2009 and the deaths and casualties in the War in Afghanistan over the same period. The end product is haunting.

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